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Motor Vehicle Accidents

At The CjB Office of  Law we look at every DUI case individually.  The attorney will sit down with the accused to get his or her side of the story and evaluate the evidence in the case.  The attorney will develop a legal strategy to minimize the legal consequences.  In some cases this means going to trial to seek an acquittal from the jury.  In other cases it means seeking a reduction in the charges in exchange for a dismissal of the more serious charges.

​If you are accused of DUI you will have questions. Do not spend hours on the internet looking for answers.  The best way to get your questions answered is to sit down with an attorney and discuss your case in person.  Make a list of your questions and bring them to the consultation.  At the consultation the attorney will look at your documents and will go over your legal rights and responsibilities.

It is important for the attorney to go to every hearing with his client.  At the CjB Office of Law there are no associates so when you go to court you will always have Carlos J. Betancourt next to you.  That way he will be familiar with every aspect of your case and be in a position to give you the very best legal advice on how to handle the matter.​

The CjB Office of Law...Tucson's Best Value in DUI Cases and Auto Accidents.

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Carlos J. Betancourt has more than 12 years experience in handling motor vehicle accidents and criminal cases.

He graduated in 2004 from the University of Arizona College of Law.


Before law school he was an Electrical Engineer designing Guidance, Navigation, and Control devices at Raytheon Missile Systems.

​     Thank you for considering The CjB Office of Law for your legal needs.

  At The CjB Office of Law we look at every motor vehicle accident as an opportunity to help a family in there time of need.  There are no legal fees unless we make a monetary recovery in your case.  If you cannot afford medical treatment we will connect you with a medical provider willing to tend to your injuries and wait to the end of your case to be paid.

   If you are involved in an auto accident you might be entitled to be compensated for your property damage and bodily injuries.  All you need to do is call for our office to schedule a free consultation.  We recommend that you bring your paperwork, including police reports, insurance information, and the other driver's information to your consultation.

   It is important for the attorney to handle each case personally.  At The CjB Office of Law there are no associates so when you schedule an appointment you talk directly to Carlos J. Betancourt.  He will handle every aspect of your case so he will be familiar with your situation.